1. Animal Services

    Read about animal code regulations, pet licensing, and more.

  2. Community Programs

    Discover a variety of community events, classes, and programs held throughout the year.

  3. Online Resources

    Access forms, make various types of requests, and submit comments and concerns online.

  4. Public Services

    For the convenience of Parker residents, the Police Department provides a variety of public services.

  5. Registered Sex Offenders

    The Parker Police Department provides a link to access sex offender information within the Town of Parker. This information is provided in order to enhance public safety and to be in compliance with House Bill 05-1035.

  6. Victim Services

    The Victim Services Program is an integral part of the Parker Police Department and assists victims of crime and surviving families in cases of death, domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes. Emotional support is provided, as well as information regarding available long-term support services.

  7. Volunteer Programs

    Volunteering makes a tremendous impact upon our department, and people who donate their time and talents are a valued commodity within our organization. The Parker Police Department has a strong partnership with our community and our volunteers.

  8. Youth Educational Programs

    The Parker Police Department is committed to the development and implementation of safety education in the schools throughout the Town of Parker. Through these programs, the department seeks to increase the community's understanding of the impact and effects of safety and security concerns in their schools.