RMS Project

The Parker Police Department is currently working to select a new Records Management System (RMS).  The current RMS went into service in 2000 and has reached “end of life” necessitating its replacement.  What is an RMS?  The RMS is the department’s central records system and is by far its most complex and informative tool.  Instant access to information is essential to the law enforcement mission. A well designed RMS provides department officers and staff with immediate access to criminal records and subject documentation through an efficient and easy to use platform.  The RMS includes, but is not limited to the following functions:

  • Central database for all criminal records and case information
  • Storage of all police reports and other case related documents
  • Field Based Reporting and Mobile Data Computing
  • Electronic ticketing
  • Case management
  • National Incident Based Reporting/Uniform Crime Reporting
  • Arrest and subject information
  • Evidence tracking and disposition
  • Interfaces to other law enforcement and federal computer systems
  • Tracks alerts, warnings, and warrants
  • Database for tracking stolen and missing property
  • Crime mapping and statistical reporting

The department is currently researching and evaluating RMS solutions developed by various, top tier, software providers.  Providing officers and other police staff with mission critical information through a web-enabled, flexible, and efficient platform is a must.  A “go live” schedule for late 2018 or early 2019 is anticipated.