The Parker Police Department officially made its presence on the streets in 1983 and has been carefully storing property and evidence ever since that time. As the Town of Parker grew, the demands for storage space and dedicated evidence custodians increased. The expansion required the section to increase in size from approximately 900 square feet of space (comprised of basic filing cabinets, racks, low shelves and home refrigerators), to approximately 4,000 square feet of top-quality sliding shelving systems, commercial refrigeration units and freezers, and double secure areas for high-liability items; all collectively storing over 59,000 items effortlessly to date. Access to this state-of-the warehouse requires triple authentication credentials: badge, fingerprint and PIN code.

Initially, this section was called the Property and Evidence Unit and operated within the Investigations Division. Personnel was comprised of both commissioned officers and civilian staff. Together, services offered by the Property and Evidence Unit personnel included property and evidence storage, basic crime scene investigation, and later, media duplication. Staff documented the chain of custody via a paper filing system and crime scenes were photographed with film cameras; the film was developed by an off-site vendor on an as-need basis.

In 2010, the Parker Police Department expanded into a new building that housed a dedicated forensic laboratory space; a state-of-the-art, temperature-controlled property and evidence warehouse; a secure, in-door Vehicle Examination Bay equipped with a universal exhaust extraction system and an evidence drying cabinet. With efficiency in mind, each area of the Evidence Section was strategically designed in close proximity to each other.

In 2011, the Lone Tree Police Department entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Parker Police Department for property and evidence management as well as crime scene investigations. Additional equipment, a vehicle and personnel were added to the unit.

In 2015 the Property and Evidence Unit migrated under a newly created division called the Support Services Division. The Property and Evidence Unit was renamed the Evidence Section and remained a mixed staff, with both commissioned officers and civilian personnel operating within.

To meet the needs of our growing community in early 2017, the Evidence Section hired specially trained civilian personnel and became managed by a civilian Crime Scene and Evidence Manager. No commissioned staff remained within the section. The new civilian manager reported directly to the Support Services Commander. In late 2017, the Evidence Section embraced the dedicated laboratory space and hired qualified forensic professionals who advanced the support services offered by the section. The advancement included latent print processing, biological evidence screening, advanced photography and chemical testing.

In 2020, another agency restructure took place and the Evidence Section was moved to the Administration Division, as the Support Services Division was eliminated.

The Parker Police Evidence Section handles the management of property and evidence, crime scene, and a Forensic ID Laboratory. The combination of these units provides a variety of quality services to the community. Collectively, the Evidence Section currently consists of 5 full- time positions, one part-time position and three volunteer staff members.

  • Crime Scene and Evidence Manager (1)
  • Property and Evidence Technician (1)
  • Crime Scene Investigator III (1) 
  • Crime Scene Investigator II (1)
  • Crime Scene Investigator I (1) 
  • Crime Scene Investigator II (Part-time)

The civilian Crime Scene and Evidence Manager reports directly to the Administration Division Commander, Chris Peters. Commander Peters reports directly to the Chief of Police.