VISION Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the VISION Camera Registration Program?

- The Parker Police Department’s VISION Camera Registration Program is a free, voluntary registry of external-facing home or business security cameras, meant to assist Officers during an investigation. By participating in the program, you have indicated that you may be willing to share previously recorded footage if requested by a Police Officer.

Q - Will my personal information contained in the registry be secure?

A - Yes, your information will only be viewed by Parker Police Department personnel and will not be shared with any outside entity.

Q - How will I be contacted?

A – The Officer will determine whether a phone call or email is most appropriate based on the situation.

Q – When will I be contacted?

A – If an Officer chooses to reach out via email, they may do so at any time; however, if they determine a phone call is necessary, that will take place between 8 am and 8 pm (unless there is extreme urgency).

Q - Is Parker Police Department asking to view my security cameras live?

A – No! Live video camera access will not be requested. Officers may contact you if a crime or other emergency occurs in your area to determine whether you are willing to share any footage your cameras may have recorded and/or photographed. Still, you are under no obligation to participate. 

Q – What if I receive a phone call or email and I do not want to or cannot submit my video?

– You are NEVER obligated to participate in the program.

Q – How can I cancel my registration if I no longer want to participate?

A – You may opt-out of the program at any time if you no longer want to participate. You just need to email and you will be removed from the program as soon as possible.

Q - How will the list be maintained?

- An email will be sent periodically to ensure you are still willing to participate in the program. We ask that you please let us know via email to if you move, remove your cameras, etc., so we don’t bother you unnecessarily. 

Q - I don't live in the Town of Parker. Can I participate in the program?

- Only residents in the Parker Police Department's jurisdiction can participate in the program. If you live in unincorporated Douglas County, you can register your camera with the Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

To register your cameras with the Parker Police Department VISION program.