Mass Emergency Notification

Peace of Mind When Moments Matter

Life can change in a moment, so it's important for emergency response personnel to be able to connect with residents during an emergency. Changes in technology are allowing governments to do so in more ways than ever before.

CodeRED Button

In an effort to take advantage of new technology and to continue to ensure accurate crisis communication with residents, the Town of Parker and all other Douglas county agencies utilize the mass notification system called CodeRED.

Safety in Numbers & Connecting During Crisis Situations

CodeRed is a high-speed telephone emergency notification system that allows public safety personnel to send messages directly to residents - whether they are home or away - during an emergency. It uses geo-tracking to target specific areas with prerecorded phone messages, emails or texts.

Some Douglas County residents may have been signed up for a previous system that all jurisdictions within the county used; including the Town of Parker. County and municipal agencies are no longer using that system. Though contact information will be transferred to the new system, it is suggested all residents sign up for the new system to ensure they are included in this important effort. Business owners are also encouraged to register their contact information.

Emergency Telephone Service

The Douglas County Emergency Telephone Service Authority decided earlier this year to go with a different notification provider. After requesting proposals from a variety of providers, CodeRED rose to the top. The authority, which is funded by a monthly 70 cent phone surcharge on all cell phones and landlines within the county, will pay for the system.

CodeRED alerts may be implemented in situations such as police activity in the area, wildfires or other emergency incidents. However, the system does not include weather alerts. The Town encourages our residents to stay tuned to weather radios and local media for information during severe weather.

Sign Up

In order for CodeRED to perform at its best, it needs an accurate database of contact information, associated with addresses. To ensure your information is included in this database, you must sign up. Required information includes first and last name, street address (no P.O. Boxes), city, state, ZIP code, and primary phone number. Data will be kept confidential.

Residents can also sign up using cell phone numbers and emails, because dispatch centers can also use CodeRED to send messages via text message or email. Signing up allows residents to set their contact preferences. Should residents move, they will need to register again with their new address.

Opt Out

Please visit, Opting Out of CodeRED.

CodeRED Alerts

CodeRED will alert people of incidents in their area. The Parker Police Department also uses Facebook and Twitter to keep the public updated on events, issues and emergencies.